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Pitahsi (79)

Hatched April 18, 1992 at LA Zoo

At the time of her death in summer of 2023, Condor 79, Pitahsi (pi-tah-she), was the oldest female in the Southern California flock.  Her father was condor 21 (AC-9) & her mother was condor 40.

Pitahsi was released in late 1992, but had to be recaptured due to behavioral problems. She went back to the zoo for the next 12 years, and had 3 chicks as part of the breeding program there (226, 283, and 312).

She was released again in November 2006 at Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, and shortly after her release she partnered with condor 247. They successfully fostered a number of zoo bred chicks (including 462, 599, 654, 690, and 750), but both of their biological offspring died before fledging (condor 556 in 2010 and 770 in 2015).

In 2016, Pitahsi paired up with condor 374 and they successfully raised their own chick, female 846.  Pitahsi died in July 2023

Closeup of Condor 79 in a defensive posture with head down and wings up
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