Friends of California Condors Wild and Free is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the mission to enhance public awareness of the endangered California Condor and ensure they are protected, healthy, and free. This is done in collaboration with the Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex and other organizations.

Updated 5 February 2018….. Activities/calendar updated. 4 tours to be added soon….Contact Stacey to sign up — tours@friendsofcondors.org

Condor 206 at Bitter Creek Refuge



We are a group of dedicated volunteers that provide educational and outreach programs through community presentations, conduct guided tours on the condor refuges, keep developmental records of young condors at nest sites, and participate in microtrash reduction. * Educational Materials and Classroom Outreach

In 1987 California condors were on the verge of extinction, only 27 alive, as the last free flying condor, AC9, was taken from the wild. With the help of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Condor Recovery Program, and public support, AC9 and other condors were returned to their natural habitat beginning in 1992.

The greatest threat to the California Condors living in the wild is lead. The primary source is from lead fragments that the California Condors eat along with the meat from animals shot within their feeding range. More information on alternatives to lead ammunition can be found at www.huntingwithnonlead.org. Sadly more condors continue to die from ingesting lead each month including 428, called the wanderer for her long flights, including two to Kings Canyon. She had just reached breeding age.

A streaming Condor nestcam will be back as soon as the momma birds decide to lay their eggs, sooner the better.. The nestcam requires a lot of work by a lot of folks at the USFWS. Congrats to the Condor Team and many thanks to Cornell Unv. for putting the streaming nestcam on the WWW.

Find details for upcoming events on our activities page and our Friends of Condors Facebook page.

As of December 2017 there were 450 California Condors. Of those 260 are flying free in California, Arizona, Utah, and Baja California, Mexico with 190 condors in the captive breeding program. Southern California had 6 nest last year with 2 confirmed chicks. Total number of birds newly released to the wild was 21. UPDATE 2 chicks have fledged #871 & 895.

Friends of California Condors Wild & Free continues to help with the condor’s success. We are the voice of the California Condor for future generations.

California Condor 216