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Jeffrey (328)

Hatched April 11, 2004

Have you ever visited Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge for a Friends of CA Condors Wild & Free Roadside CondorViewing Booth?  If so, you may have seen Jeffrey, condor 328.  Jeffrey was hatched at Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge in 2004.


His parents were Condor 21 (AC9) and 192.  He has grown up to have many nests at Bitter Creek himself and is regularly sighted flying around there with his mate 216.  He has been a wonderful and successful dad. His chicks thus far include condors 631, 671, 895, 989, and 1106, and he also fostered condor 629.

We hope that he nests again this year and that we have lots more sightings of him and his family at Bitter Creek! 

Closeup of the head  and right wing of Condor 328, Jeffrey.
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